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What are 90s’ kids up to?

By now, you might have read a lot of articles talking about many different types of generation. One of those generation is generation Y or widely known as millennials. Those articles tend to write about their preferred lifestyle and habits, because being born in different time make every generation has different worldview. But do you really know about millennials? Who they really are and what they seek in this world?

Researchers have been ranging the millennials birth year from 1980s to the early 2000s. These people are popular for their excellent ability to make the most of the technology because they’ve been exposed to it since their early childhood.

This generation is the social media generation. Just to name a few, there are Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Having unlimited access to new information every time they’re online, millennials tend to be assertive and have strong views. They do depend on the internet for their lifestyle. They even referred themselves as digital natives.

Sael.net Infographic: Millennials Rack Up 18 Hours of Media Use Per Day | Statista
Source: Statista


Being a tech savvy do affect their usage on social media. Just as stated above, they definitely have every type of social media. They are not shy to post every bit of information about themselves online. They want to share what’s happening in their life and want other people to know it. Really though, their views of privacy is totally different from other previous generation.

One popular platform that’s now used widely by millennials is Youtube. This American based website is now the most popular video-sharing place that’s used by people from all over the world, especially generation Y, or in other words, millennials. 

In Statista you will find percentage of each Ethnics of Millennials in the United States who use YouTube at least once a day as of June 2015.

Millennials post a lot of content in Youtube, one of which is travel video. Being a generation that’s exposed to many information about the cool place all around the world, do make them also want to share their travel experience. They’re not shy to talk to a camera while being in a place full of people.

This activity is widely known as video blog or shortened as vlog. How to do it is, they pretty much go to somewhere nice to travel and document everything they do and discover there.

who never seen this kind of pose before? I bet all of you already witness this.

Since millennials have wide knowledge about technology, they get creative on how to make travel vlog in affordable way. Some people who has just started, use the front or the back camera of their phone. Thanks to the fast advancement of the technology, phone nowadays have great quality camera.

However, some other do take their travel vlogging game to the next level by purchasing some of the very high-tech equipment. They bring their big and bulky DSLR camera complete with every type of lens and accessories. Alternatively some are using mirrorless camera as their main gear. Some also bring drone, which to explain it in a very simple way, a flying remote controlled camera.

Getting even more creative, nowadays vlogger also post their vlog in other social media like Instagram. They specifically make one minute travel vlog and upload it to Instagram.

With the vast growth of this activity, there are a lot of millennials who actually meet each other and become best friends because they watch each other’s vlog on the internet. Which then, they make videos together and grow their audience.

Other than travel vlogging, the type of vlog content varies widely. Just to name a view there are food vlogger, lifestyle vlogger, vegan vlogger, and family vlogger. Although they have different topics and ways to deliver their vlog, they have one similarity in which they don’t mind the world to know their life. They are okay even if so many people know too much about them and their surroundings. Which is one of the obvious character of millennials.

In the end, it’s really good that millennials are creative and know how to make the most of the technology. They are confidence with themselves and do not mind if the world know a lot about their life. However, it’ll be even better if they know the limit of what they’re sharing to the world.

How about you, are you part of this generation?
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Written by Ryan Sael

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  1. That’s some impressive media use. I agree that I consider myself a digital native. It’s all I know and it’s all I’ve ever known.

    I’ve not watched TV for the better part of four years, but I know I consume a huge amount of media (and make it too).

    My sister is the typical Vlogger, she created a channel this year and has over ten thousand subscribers and is securing thousand dollar advertising deals already. It’s an amazing time to be a digital native.